Our Awards

Anthology of Greek Gastronomy: 5-star award

In 2024, we were proud to be awarded a prestigious 5-star rating in the “Anthology of Greek Gastronomy” by Action in Greece and Sigma Productions. Our innovative products, including our unique blue honey and our position as the sole spirulina producers in Greece to be honored with this distinction, set us apart.
Our evaluators were particularly impressed with our three signature products: fresh spirulina, fresh-frozen spirulina, and blue honey. Their overwhelming satisfaction was humorously encapsulated in their suggestion that our products merited not just 5 but an exceptional 10 stars.
Achieving this accolade required not just exceptional products but also a compelling website that reflects our brand's ethos, showcasing our commitment to taste excellence and nutritional value. We are proud to have met and surpassed these rigorous standards.
Beyond the honor itself, being included in the Anthology opens doors to invaluable opportunities, such as participation in significant international exhibitions and prestigious events at reduced costs. These platforms will enable us to showcase our award-winning products to a global audience, further expanding our reach and impact.