Rest assured, every component of our equipment holds food-safe certification. Following HACCP principles, our production incorporates multiple control points and intelligent mechanisms to prevent pollutant access to our culture. Our closed reactors minimize the risks of physical and microbiological contamination, safeguarding the purity of our fresh spirulina. To guarantee its safety, our product undergoes rigorous testing for microbiological and heavy metal analysis conducted by an accredited laboratory. Check out the results by pressing the button below:

Unparalleled Quality

Different combinations of strains and growing conditions produce different results. Our spirulina is natural, non Genetically Modified, with no allergens and preservatives. With no-added sugar, it contains only natural sugars in low content. With no Iodine. Low in fats and saturated fats. With low Sodium content. With high protein content. It is a source of fibers. It boasts vitamins in high content (B3, B6 and C) and minerals (iron, manganese and Chromium). It is source of phosphorus, manganese and potassium. Discover the detailed nutritional analysis below.