Superfood is better when fresh!

Fresh spirulina retains all natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant potency levels, which are gradually diminished in dry form. It is easily digested and it has excellent organoleptic properties: taste, sight, smell and touch.

The biggest spirulina producers in Greece are based away from the demand, operating in manmade raceways. This geographical distance between production and demand makes drying a necessity.


Urban superfood Production. Minimum transportation cost and maximum quality. Fresh spirulina next door.


We design, build and run our own equipment. Minimum CapEx and continuous technology improvement.

Cooperative Symbiosis

Open to cooperate with CO2 producers. We reduce the environmental footprint of other companies.

Ultimate Quality

Being close to the consumer, access to all fresh, alive spirulina is a reality! All the benefits with perfect taste and flavour. A vegan friendly, health treasure with no additives.

the idea

The idea was born in summer 2018, in a Greek island’s beach: a process to produce nutritional food as fresh as it gets.

The recipe

Study hundreds of scientific papers, apply Chemical Engineering design principles, perform cooperative studies, have numerous sleepless nights running calculations and experiments, investing all our budget and a lot of imagination.

The result

A modular system of completely safe, closed photobioreactors!

The opportunity

In June 2019 we joined the “egg” incubator.
Today, we claim to be ready to transfer this technology into your plate.
Are you ready?

Early Bird

Early bird: -5% για έναν χρόνο! (for one year!)


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