Blue Honey


Miel et Ciel
-honey with phycocyanin-

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Blue honey is here! In French, “miel et ciel” translates to “honey and sky” or “honey and paradise”. It is a blend of amazing Greek flower honey with phycocyanin extracted from fresh, live spirulina. A honey that has left even the experts astonished.

Just as the bee selects the finest from the flowers to compose its honey, so do we select the most precious essence of spirulina and isolate it. We then collaborate with the bees to create the most nutritious, beautiful, and tastiest honey.

At It’s Alive, after extensive research, we’ve developed a superior method for extracting analytical grade phycocyanin, producing the purest blue nature offers. Finally, we choose the best and most suitable Greek honeys to blend with the phycocyanin.

Blue honey has 16 times more protein than common honeys. Thus, phycocyanin enhances the nutrition, appearance, and taste of the honey, composing a truly paradisiacal honey.

Phycocyanin is one of the most remarkable proteins in spirulina, known in the pharmaceutical industry for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer properties. This substance is found in the cell walls of spirulina, in a complex with other pigments, with which it collaborates, making photosynthesis more efficient. Phycocyanin absorbs orange radiation while reflecting blue, thus acquiring a stunning blue color.

It is very sensitive: (photosensitive, thermosensitive, easily oxidizes upon contact with air, and remains stable within a limited pH range). During drying, its color fades, as do its beneficial properties, while in fresh, live form, both its color and properties are preserved.

Depending on the concentration of phycocyanin in the extract, its purity also changes. A mixture containing other substances, such as chlorophyll, allophycocyanin, or phycoerythrin, will not be purely blue but will have a greenish-petrol hue. The purer the blue, the purer the extract. The highest purity is called analytical grade, which can be very expensive: costing hundreds to thousands of euros per gram. Such purity is the phycocyanin that we add to our product.

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