Meet The Team

Ever wondered who is behind the scenes?

George Lignos
CEO / Founder / Inventor

Chemical Engineer with a passion in process design and optimization

Marios Koutsonikas
COO / Production Manager

Agricultural Technician with a talent in Mathematics and precision

Yiannis Lignos
CSO / Strategy Advisor

Mechanical Engineer with a talent in risk assessment

Theo Stefou
CTO / IoT Developer

MSc in IT - with a passion in IT Architectures integration

Haris Aslanidis
Public Relations Officer

The person who knows everyone in every industry. And everyone knows him

Emmanouela Tsaliki
Sales Manager

Studied Journalism and has great talent in working with people

Elena Zikou
Corporate Identity and Packaging Designer

Probably the best Graphic Designer you will ever meet

Theo Kritikos
Web Developer

Software Engineer - owner of Webreact: Makes our website amazing

Sophia Revithi
Photographer - Videographer

BA in photo directing, owner of Pure Studio Athens: makes everyone want to buy our products